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Learn about our passion to save our Brazos County land from FORCED government grabbing, tyranny, and how you can help!  

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To meet our goal of 11,660 signatures by July 1, 2019, we need ALL your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to sign. 

HURRY! Time is running out and we need EVERYONE!

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 Many of us enjoy the freedom of living in the country and have invested a lot of money and time- sometimes generations- building our lives here. We want to protect our land and dreams. 

 Things to think about:   

IF we are unsuccessful - what comes next is city code enforcement, city laws, and taxes.  Our way of life, the way we know it now, will never be the same. You have set up your land, your home, your barns, and other structures to accommodate your way of life.  We have acres of land, farm animals, trailers everywhere that are used for various needs from hauling horses and livestock to lumber for repairing the barn. 

Do you celebrate FREEDOM with fireworks with your friends and family? Well, not anymore! You are not allowed to shoot fireworks within city limits. 

 Do you burn to keep the underbrush, and ticks down from the wooded areas? Not anymore, NO BURNING within city limits.  

Now, are you getting the picture? 

 It's tyranny and should be illegal for the city (government) to come in and annex you against your will and then impose their will on you. Please wrap your head around that for just a moment. If you are a registered voter in the county, we do not elect the city officials that are now coming to FORCE you under annexation. Your property and homestead is now controlled by the government (city).  You've been going along happy, preparing for your future retirement and golden years and suddenly "bam" we are faced with choices we never dreamed were possible here in Texas.     

The city will tell you it's not about the tax revenue; it's all about controlling growth. We should not be forced into being annexed by anyone, and the very notion of doing so is complete tyranny.  

Save your land, save our county by signing the petition TODAY!


"This is about way more than property taxes and code violations.  It's about fundamental property owner rights." Brandy Cooke

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What does FORCED Annexation mean?


 Forced annexation provides no way for property owners to approve or disapprove via a vote or petition—meaning that the policy permits taxation without representation. 

Currently, Brazos County is a Tier 1 County, meaning cities such as Bryan, and College Station can annex an Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (“ETJ”) without the approval of the citizens within the ETJ.

By changing Brazos County to a Tier 2 County, the cities would first have to hold an election for the citizens living in the ETJ, whom they want to annex, whereby giving those citizens a voice in the annexation process.


Our Mission

We want the right to choose annexation or not. It is un-Texan and un-American that the government has more rights to control our land than the land owner.


We MUST work together as a community and stand united against the government (the city). We have a NEW law now that can protect us- BUT we must use that law to make it happen.


Additional Information

DID YOU KNOW that, currently, cities in Brazos County can annex, or expand into, rural areas and neighborhoods without getting voters' approvals? It's true. However, YOU have the power to change that as a registered Brazos County voter!  We need YOUR help to get a measure on the ballot to let us vote to reclassify Brazos as a "Tier 2" county so neighboring cities have to get our approval before they can expand into our neighborhoods and properties.  We need a raw total of 11,660 signatures from Brazos County voters (including those inside and outside city limits) by July 1, 2019, to get the measure on the ballot for November 5, 2019 ballot.  

 The "WOW" Factor 

 "Taxation without representation is tyranny."  James Otis 1761 Revolutionary War 

WOW! Here we are in 2019 and having to experience this very thing. Our forefathers fought the good fight for centuries, and now we must fight to end it for our future generations. Don't wait until it is too late!

 What is taxation without representation? 

 It refers to the idea if imposing taxes on people who have no recourse against or control over the taxing authority. ie. the city. 

What does tyranny mean?  

Cruel and unreasonable use of power or control. ie. the City of Bryan and College Station does when taking our land without our say so. 


 We need YOU, Your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors to ALL sign. Next, have your friends, co-workers, family, and neighbors have theirs sign, and so on.

 Let's END FORCED ANNEXATION for ALL of Brazos County once and for all.    


The Petition.

Download & Print the Petition. Make sure you get everyone to sign. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

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